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Writing engaging content that provides your audience with uniquely useful information.

Based in his hometown in Mid-Michigan, Casey has been writing since 2010.

Casey has been a professional outdoor backpacking and skiing guide since 2012 working in the field all over the United States. Today Casey only guides private backpacking trips. When he’s not writing outdoor articles, Casey is experimenting with custom fishing gear or working on his house. Learn more about Casey’s unique background.

Specializing in outdoor sports, gear reviews, and personal finance work Casey has helped dozens of niche sites turn a profit all over the web. Using a clear voice, friendly approach, and deep understanding of subject matter your readers will turn into raving fans instantly!

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Casey Fiedler

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What can I help you write?

Content WRiting

You’re a business owner, PR specialist, or marketer. I know you don’t have time to write every blog, email, or article for your business and maybe you just outright dislike writing. Writing content that compels readers to action while building trust and establishing authority is my specialty. Leave it to me.

Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports markets are some of the fastest growing niche sites around. I specialize in writing exceptional content for hiking, backpacking, skiing, paddling, and fishing sites. With a degree in Outdoor Education and years of experience as a guide, I can take your content to a whole new level.

Affiliate Blogs

One of the fastest ways to lose affiliate revenue is when readers can tell your author isn’t an expert. It’s obvious. That’s why you need an author who has a real understanding of the topics at hand with a “friendly expert” tone. You need a writer who knows what it takes to create affiliate revenue.

Niche Markets

Running a niche site is a lucrative business. Not every niche site owner is an expert of their topic, however. If you want to rise to the top and pull in real revenue then you need a proven niche expert who has spent time in the trenches and knows how to write. That’s me.

Personal Finance

Investing and saving is a niche market that sees tons of competition. Why? Because the potential to generate great revenue from sites in this market is very high. You need someone who can write accurately about investing while keeping content relevant to the everyday investor.


The last article he wrote for me ranked on page one of Google in just over a week.
— Dustin Walker


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