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Gear reviews & Brand collaboration

I write dozens of high profile outdoor articles and gear reviews each month around the web. Because my articles directly drive sales many brands reach out asking if I can test and review gear and equipment. The answer is: yes I can test your gear.

Disclaimer: Site editors get the final say in what gear does and does not make it into the final cut for most pieces. I can recommend (and sometimes I choose) gear for reviews and lists on the sites I write for, but I can’t guarantee placements for you.

Why work with me to test your gear? Gear that I have touched, used, and grown to love in the real world is much more likely to get a placement and favorable review in the future.

Blog & Web Content strategy

If you’re inquiring about non-writing services (such as keyword research, content strategy consultation, etc.) please simply explain your needs in detail. Final rates will vary accordingly.

Writing services

I typically charge clients for writing by the word. Rates can vary depending on your needs, however.

For me to give you an accurate rate please include the following in your inquiry below:

  • Are you interested in working out an ongoing monthly agreement?

  • How many articles do you need?

  • How often do you need them delivered?

  • Do you need photos or supplemental material?

  • Are your delivery times flexible?

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Use the form below to tell me about how you envision us working together. I’d like to know a little about you, your company or website, and what tasks you need help with. The more information you can give, the more likely I can respond helpfully.

I am accepting gear for review so if you want to submit outdoor gear to me for consideration in future review articles, just send me a line below.

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